Montana Billings Mission
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Billings, MT 59102

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Christmas List:

Dear Santa,
       I have been a really really good boy, so please give me the following.

1.Warmer Weather
2. 2004 EFY CD "Stand in the Light"
3. See The Hobbit and the Batman movie
4. A brother who doesn't have a one pack belly
5. Ticket to the Super Bowl
6. Year supply of Muddy Buddies
7. Basketball shoes
8. Cookbook
9. Moccasins
10. Basketball Pump

Well, not much is happening in Roundup. I was in Billings Friday since Elder Orr had a Doctor's appointment. Oh yeah, we had a Christmas Zone Conference with half the mission in Billings and it was pretty good, the only thing was was that it was poorly planned out. They did this really cool slide show where they got a picture of all the missionaries when they were younger during Christmas. It was pretty hilarious. So I found out that I am able to Skype home for Christmas, but I'm not sure when we will do it yet.

So we have these Investigators, the Roberts, they are an older couple and they are really cool people. They also showed up to church yesterday which was nice. Hopefully things will work out with them. I think the missionaries started seeing them in June or July, and they are awesome people! There is also another Investigator, Cole, who we went out with him at 6:30 in the morning to help him chop wood. We went out about half hour north of Roundup and I saw a bunch of Elk, a coyote, and antelope. It was super cool, and it was fun to go out and do something. Well, hope you have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nasty Gross Water : /

Well, I'm in Roundup! I didn't get to Roundup till Wednesday night. I ended up staying in Billings all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday. Elder Orr had a doctor appointment Tuesday and we had to wait till Wednesday afternoon for his perscription to come in. So we were teamed up with our Zone Leader Elder Walch all day Tuesday and we visited a bunch of people Elder Orr and Elder Walch wanted to see. Elder Orr has been out ten months and he has served 7 1/2 months in this zone so he knows most of Billings and he's been in Roundup for only 4 weeks. I really like Billings and I love Roundup too! Elder Orr is from Thatcher, Arizona. If you've ever seen that mormon message of the two boys who are friends but play against each other in football, he is actually in one of the scenes. Anyway, Elder Orr is our District Leader, and my District is twice the size than when I was in Missoula, 4 sisters, us, and the Zone Leaders. I really love this place, the population is only 2,000 people and Elder Orr said it has been tracted out 2 months ago so we aren't doing any tracting. So we just see investigators and less actives and active members.

So it is starting to get cold here. On Saturday we did some service fixing a gate for a member and we were out helping for 3 hrs. It was 15 degrees out and with the wind factor it was 5 degrees! I've never been so cold in my life! Hot chocolate never tasted so good in my life after I was out in the cold. There isn't a whole lot of snow, it is just dry and cold. Elder Orr loves to do service and in this area there are a lot of things we can do. So we keep ourselves busy by doing a lot of service.

So on Sunday we had a baptism for a 11 yrs old, Issiah. That was really neat. I gave a talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was really nice. I love the people in this Branch. They have about 80 people go to church regularly. I just really love it here. The only downside about this place is that the water here isn't very good. They pump out the water from a coal mine and that was where the miners used to go to the bathroom and spit. And we're not supposed to drink the water otherwise we will get sick. Also the water leaves a stain in the toilet, so the toilet in our appartment is gross, the whole bathroom is kinda gross. I had to do some cleaning when I got there since the last Elder was there for 9 months and he wasn't very clean. Beside that this place is nice.

I have a Christmas Zone Conference tomorrow! :) Anyway, that's about it, love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

Monday, December 3, 2012

Families in Clinton

The Starks who I stayed with.
 I'm going to miss Sister Stark making me breakfast every morning!

The Nystroms. I'm going to miss them in Clinton!

Bye Bye Clinton :(

Well, as you can tell from the Title, I am leaving Clinton, Drummond, and Seeley Lake. I will be leaving today around 3 to Roundup, MT. Roundup is an hour drive North of Billings so I will be leaving the mountains. :(  I will be in the Billings East Zone and my companion will be Elder Orr, who was in the same District with Jameson in the MTC. I haven't met or seen him before. I was able to talk to Elder Scott this morning and I found out he is already leaving Powell, Wyoming and is going to Kalispell, which is disappointing because he went from the East to the West, which means I won't see him at the Christmas Zone Conference since it is split up from West to East. Oh well, it was really nice to catch up with him for awhile. Elder Scott is Awesome!

Well Dad, it is not snowing up here, we have no snow except some in the mountains, thats about it. I've heard there is snow in the East though, so I may have snow in Roundup. It's fairly warm here in Missoula, in the 20's-30's. Mom, I only have one friend writing to me and that is Joel. So, I don't know much what is happening or how my friends are doing. Haha, that's funny that Amaya knows Elder Isaacson. Elder Isaacson says he is single and desperate for a girlfriend and is wondering if Amaya would be interested in him when he gets home. Haha just kidding. Oh yea, apparently Elder Isaacson supports tattoos too haha.

Well, I had a disappointing call with Bro. Sprague yesterday morning. We called to make sure he had a ride to church and he told us that he is not interested to join the church in this point of time in his life and dropped us. So hopefully things will work out. He is also still struggling with smoking. Things have been very slow in this area and we really don't have any investigators. Hopefully Roundup is better.

Next week we will be having a Christmas Zone Conference which should be fun. I think just about everybody from my MTC District is in the West side of the mission except for Sis. Pattullo who should be in my District over in Billings. Unless she got transferred too. Anyway, I'm all packed and ready to go Roundup. Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft