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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Elder Devin Ashcroft Facebook Account

I now have a facebook account, but with that there are several rules I need to keep. One of those things is unfortunately is that I can't add family and friends as my friend on facebook. However you can still follow me on facebook. This is pretty simple to do, go as to where you would add me as a friend and there should be an option where you can choose to follow me. So if you like me enough you can at your own will follow me. I will be your new leader bwahaha, you are now my followers and my servants. Haha just kidding. Everybody is invited to follow me so spread the word! Love ya all!

Elder Devin Ashcroft

Monday, August 19, 2013

Elder Thomas

So Elder Thomas' youtube video is called "Unicyle see you in 2" since he is on his mission. Also he is in "unicycle freestyle" first one that pops up. In case you're interested.


Well, this has been an interesting week. I had five companions this week. So I had Elder Gunnerson till Tuesday after District Meeting, which was really good and we talked about facebook. I should be creating my facebook account this week, I already had my interview by my Zone Leader so I'm good to go. Anyway, After District Meeting Elder Gunnerson went with the Lincoln Elders for a week long exchanges and not going to be back till tomorrow for District Meeting. So the plan was I was going to be with the Zone Leaders Elder Southwick and Elder Zacchilli, but we had a change of plan. Elder Smith, our AP(Assistant to President) came down from Billings to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, so I ended up being with Elder Thomas, who came with Elder Smith, and Elder Smith just came into the mission the day before, he is waiting for his visa for Brazil. So I had Elder Thomas from Tuesday afternoon to Friday evening. Elder Thomas is amazing! He is from Fort Collins, Colorado, an hour North of Denver. I found out that he holds the world record for the longest grind on a Unicycle. Meaning he rode 250 ft on a rail with the pedals of the unicycle. That is pretty amazing and he is on youtube apparently. So, anyway, after Friday evening Elder Smith and Elder Thomas left for Great Falls and I ended up being with the Zone Leaders.

So on Saturday with the Zone Leaders and I had to take one of the Sisters to Dillon to be on exchanges. So we had a long drive, pretty much took up most of the day. Dillon has two sets of missionaries now, a set of Elders and a set of Sisters. Then on Sunday I went to 3 wards for church. My two wards of Helena 2&4 and the Zone Leader's ward, Helena 5. So anyway, early in the morning we gave the presentation to Helena 2 and Elder Smith and Elder Thomas came back. So I ended up being with Elder Smith for sacrament meeting for 2nd ward while the ZLs and Elder Thomas went off to do something. We then went to my place for lunch before Elder Smith and Elder Thomas went to Missoula.

Gaaahh, I'm running out of time! So right now I'm with Elder Zacchilli and Southwick till tomorrow. Been a good week. Love ya bye!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Goofy Pictures

Elder Gunnerson, Elder Ashcroft & Elder Wilson (Visa Waiter to Brazil)

Helena District (Not exactly a goofy picture though!)

Many Things Happening

Well, this week has gone by pretty well. There are so many things that are happening in our mission and so many changes as our mission is making a pull for striving to be the most obedient mission in the world and to be a covenant keeping mission as well. As a mission the past several weeks and zone conferences have been focusing on keeping covenants. So I finally found out when I will get to go to the temple. I get to go on August 29. I can't wait. So on Thursday the Zone Leaders had a meeting with all the District Leaders from 2-9, which meant I had two other Elders with me all day in my area. One of the missionaries had only just arrived in Montana and he is an awesome missionary. Anyway Elder Gunnerson learned a lot and we are now restarting the Online Proselyting again for Facebook and Blogs. The whole program has been redone so now it will be more efficient and less distracting. Also we will now be creating a facebook page for the Wards to be able to update what is happening in the ward and area. It is super awesome and I will most likely be getting a facebook account soon.

Anyway, enough about that. So the Halls are doing amazing! We taught the Plan of Salvation in which we had many wonderful conversations. We then invited them to be baptized on September 28. Bro. Hall said yes but he said he will wait for Sis. Hall to make up her mind if she wants to get baptized. It is interesting how things are going with them. First he was really interested the first time we met, the next time she was super excited and he was more hesitant, and now he is all for it and she is hesitant and wants to take things slow. They were able to make it to church and the Grandma came as well!

Leah is doing well and I helped one of our ward missionaries teach the new member discussion with her. She is solid and still going to church and she participated with the choir last Sunday. Unfortunately she won't be here in Helena for too long as she will be going to basic training in September. We will actually be seeing her tonight when we eat with the Romos tonight. I'm excited for that.

We are still working with the three Lamanite kids. We are going to see them tonight as well and they have a date for September 7. Coming up pretty soon!

We taught a 9 year old girl last night the Plan of Salvation and she is solid! She has a date to be baptized on September 14. She is amazing!

Well, Elder Gunnerson is doing much better, found out it isn't from his allergy but he has stomach ulcers, which I guess comes from stress. So since he found this out he can eat a lot more and has medication he is taking which is helping a ton. He can now eat anything as long as it is low on salt and sugar and no dairy. But he is now eating more and feeling much better. :)

Well that is about it. Have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

Monday, August 5, 2013

Leah's Baptism!

This has been a very good week for us. We managed to get a lot of things done despite the low energy Elder Gunnerson has. So yes, Leah got baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday. It gets even better. Leah asked me to baptize her so I had my first baptism! The whole thing went well. I was super nervous but successful. It was a really neat experience and could really feel the spirit fill the room. It has been one of the best moment in my mission so far. Both of Leah's parent were also able to make it which was great as well. I know she will be a strong member of the church.

We were also able to visit the Halls again and taught the Restoration which went really well. Before Bro. Hall was really into it and Sis. Hall was holding back. This time however she was super excited and was talking about being baptized in the temple and Bro. Hall was the one telling her to hold up and to take this one at a time. haha The Grandma also changed a lot as before she was really anti but is now wanting to know more and willing to read the Book of Mormon! They are an awesome family! Oh, they made one of the best ribs I have ever had too. It was sooo good. It was like a 2-3 pound rib and I ate the whole thing of course. :) I was satisfied.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about transfer. So I am staying in Helena which I am super happy about that. Also, I guess Elder Gunnerson really likes me as he is my second companion who is willing to be with me for a second transfer haha. :)  Things are going well.

So I get the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple sometime this transfer, though I haven't found out exactly when yet. Can't wait for that! Well, that is all I can think of for now, so have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft