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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gym Closed

So to answer some of your questions, Elder Chappell is 6'1" and there is just the three of us in a 6 man bedroom. Which is nice because we get more space. As for my teachers, It's Bro. Davis, Bro. Rudd, and Bro. Nate comes in sometimes. Also, everyone in my district is going to Montana.

I'll start off with what happened during GYM time last Thursday. I was playing soccer and I got kicked in the back of my left heel in which I got a big bruise and was left limping for two days, but I'm fine now. I really don't have much option for Gym time because the Gym was closed last week and won't open till next week because they are redoing the Gym, so I've been playing soccer out in the field. Beside the Gym being closed, the Temple was closed last week because they were cleaning the temple, however it opened today so I was able to go this morning. :)

I'm really loving my companions and I hang out a lot with Elder Burrows. I love my district and we all get along well. I also like Elder Burrows and Elder Thawleys roomates Elder Handley and Elder Thompson who are in my zone. I'm not sure if I mentioned about my zone leaders from last week, but they are really cool and have been here a month and have another 3 weeks to go, since they are going to Finland.

It's crazy how much I have learned in two weeks, Bro. Davis and Bro. Rudd are just really great teachers!! They help us to really understand how to help investigators and to recognize how they feel and to teach to their needs. We aren't teaching lessons we are teaching people! We have zone teaching pretty much every day so since Friday I have been teaching an Elder who has been here for only a week and tommorrow will be my last day teaching since I'll be leaving to Montana Tuesday. Which reminds me, I'm in charge of our flight for my district. The Traveler Agent!

I can't remember who spoke Sunday at the fireside but he gave a really good talk. He spoke on Hymn #30 "Come, Come Ye Saints" and how it related to us. How we are pioneers as missionaries. I really wish I had my notes on me since I can't really remember much of it. Then yesterday, Elder Colesman of the Seventy spoke at Devotional. He spoke also of us missionaries as pioneers. He also talked about converting others and that we will convert at least one soul, which is ourselves. He also spoke a lot about coming unto Christ. Did you know on average, every 1.7 verses in the Book of Mormon it mentions Christ? That is a lot.

I guess I'll talk a little more about my district. I don't think I ever mentioned the Sisters. There's Sis. Larson, Sis. Renfro, and Sis. Pattullo. Sis. Larson is quite hyper all the time but is nice. Then Sis. Renfro is nice and relaxed and is a 2 year convert. Then there's Sis. Pattullo, she is nice. She can sing and play the piano really well. Anyways, I've never laughed so much in my life just hanging out with Elder Burrows, Elder Thawley, Elder Landry, Elder Chappell, Elder Thompson, and with Elder Handley. They are just an awesome group of people.

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. So, Devin follows the grand tradition of Brandon and Jordan in being the travel agent for his district. It seems they go by alphabetical order in choosing the missionary for this responsibility!