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Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, the second week was so much better than the first! Elder Scott and I were able to see more investigators this week and surprisingly, we didn't do any service tracting because we actually met with some investigators. We have a new investigator, the missionaries before me tracted into her, so Elder Scott and I taught Christian the restoration and she seemed interested so we'll keep seeing her. We have another investigator John, who is a CEO of YMCA. He seems to like all the things we've taught him, it was his second lesson and he was a referral from a member. So, things here have definitley improved and the members here are great!

On Thursday I went to Helena for leadership meeting. I saw my Mission President, the Mechams. I was also able to see most of the Elders and Sisters from my district from the MTC. It was great to see them! Elder Chappell and Sister Pattullo were the only ones not there. It was a nice little reunion. I found out that Elder Burrows sleeps in a tent in his area! I didn't know some missionaries still live in tents. Anyway, leadership conference was Awesome and I learned so much. I also found out that the missionaries here will get to meet an Apostle on the 25th! President Mecham said it will be Elder Anderson and there will be two Seventies there as well. I can't wait.

So this weekend I went to Drummond, which is a 45min drive from Clinton, and missionaries rarely go out to Drummond. It is really beautiful out there and about 60% of the people are active members. Most of the people there are cattle ranchers. Anyway, we stayed at a members house all Saturday, the Laceys. Bro. Lacey used to own, I can't remember, I'm guessing, 100 acres and 250 cattle. He said that he used to make $600,000 a year! But he sold most of his land because of his health issue and couldn't keep up the land. So anyway, Elder Scott and I spent the whole day doing yardwork for the Laceys. For lunch they fed us the best BBQ ribs I ever had! Bro. Lacey joked that he should have the missionary more often cause he got a check for $130,000 in the mail that day! He's a really cool guy. But working all day tired me out, but I liked it since it was a change in our schedule.

Then in the evening we visited the Fellons family, the wife and the daughter are 5 year converts and the husband a 2 year convert. Apparently the missionaries haven't visited any families or church in a very very long time. So that's where I found out that Cliff McKinney and his companion were the last ones to actually visit the Fellons. So you better ask Cliff if he remembers them. It sure is a small world, but it's really unfortunate that the missionaries haven't been up here in awhile.

The main reason why we came to Drummond was because we gave talks on Sunday. Elder Scott spoke on the Plan of Salvation and I spoke on Christlike Attributes. My whole talk is basically from Preach My Gospel. So for any future missionaries out there, get familiar with PMG, you will use it alot! My talk went pretty well. The Branch here has about 6 Young Men. So the YM President asked us to speak during Priesthood class, so we taught them the Restoration as how we would teach it to investigator, so they know how to teach. What I liked what they were doing is that they use PMG for their lessons.

After church we met with 3 families. The Piippos, Wise, and Bryants Family. Bro. Piippo works for a show called Predator which is a hunting show. So he has alot of cool guns, and he took a picture and sent it to you, so you should have it, if not I'll forward it to you. Anyway they were a cool family, as were the other families out here in Drummond. I really love the Branch there and it is an amazing town.

Things are progressing here and it is great. I'm starting to really love it here. I will be going to Kalispell for Zone Conference tomorrow. Should be a long drive.

Elder Ashcroft


  1. Love hearing about his experiences! I spoke with Clif and he never served in would have been the other Elder McKinney (yes there were two, and they were even companions once). They were both Elder C. McKinney. His name was Craig and Clif said he was a people person so the people would have remembered him for sure. Glad Devin's week was better!

  2. Allyson, that is crazy that they have the same last name and initials. I found that there was a Sister Ashcroft in the mission, but she's home now.