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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Golden Investigators!!!

Well, to answer some questions, On P-day Elder Scott will have personal study and sometimes companionship study in the morning. We then clean our rooms, bathroom, and truck. We then go into Missoula and do some shopping at Walmart. Then we go to the stake center where we meet with 8 missionaries and we usually play basketball, but today I played Risk and I took second, I almost won, oh well, maybe next time I'll win. Yup, that's mostly my p-day. Like I've said before, Elder Scott is from Robinson, Illinois and he will have been out a year in November. Clinton is his second area and he has been here for 7 months. As for meals, the Starks that we stay with feed us breakfast every morning. We have members feed us most of the time, but this week we won't since we didn't pass out our dinner calender this Sunday. Haven't had any game meet yet, rifle season starts next week so I can't wait so we can get some good meat from members.

Well, this week I was in a trio from Monday night to Thursday morning. Elder Savage stayed with us, he has a special calling of a traveling assistant. Elder Savage travels from area to area and stays with other misionaries for a few days. He is a really cool missionary and he's been out 22 months. Anyway, we saw George, an investigator, and he gave us a referral to a retired couple. So on Tuesday we meet the Spragues and they are just golden investigators. We committed them to baptism and they accepted, we then came back on Wednesday and talked to them more and we set a date for their baptism on October 27! They also watched Saturday morning (members house), Sunday morning (different members house), and Sunday afternoon (their house) sessions with us! They are actually reading the BoM too! :) They are really amazing. I was really shocked about the age change for missionaries!

Anyway, Elder Savage was a really cool missionary and helped Elder Scott and I a lot. He was super funny and spiritual. I'm going to miss him. Things can either be going well with stuff to do, or be really slow with nothing to do. Something funny and bad happened yesterday. Elder Scott was getting inside the truck, but the thing was, he forgot to bend down to get in and he walked right into the truck and got an inch cut between his eyes, luckily it wasn't a deep cut. He's fine and it wasn't anything serious.

I went winter shopping today and I went to Murdoch Ranch and Family Supply and a member in our branch is the manager. He was very helpful in getting us good winter clothes and he actually bought the stuff for us, which was really nice of him. He is a really cool member.

Well, I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. I just LOVE reading Devins missionary experiences! My whole family at different times has dreamed of living in Montana for various reasons & Devin is helping me shape an opinion about the state! LOL...the fact that he's interested in eating game is the exact reason the guys in our family want to live there! I have no doubts that the people there are all wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing!