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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Elder Ashcroft's Day

Well, things are going pretty good. My mind just went blank... been trying to contact several people in Eureka but a lot of people are not home and we have been doing a lot of tracting but have not found any potential yet. We are working with Milus who we set on Baptism Date for July 5th my first week in Eureka but he hasn't come to church yet. So the baptism may not happen. A less active who we've been working with got offended and does not want the lessons now and didn't show up to church this Sunday, so that is super disappointing and we hope to stay in contact with her. We are pretty much starting from scratch now as we literally do not have anyone to teach.

Yesterday was Elder Ashcroft's Day as that is what the Zone Leaders wanted to happen. So I was going to have us go to Glacier Park except it just snowed last week during summer.... it snowed 14 inches and most of the park is closed though I hear it might open up this week or next. So instead we played Ultimate Frisbee at a park for a couple of hours then we went to the church and palyed volleyball. So it turned out well.

I am currently on exchanges in Columbia Falls with Elder Blackmon till Wednesday after District Meeting. Oh yeah, Friday was a really good day! We went to Kalispell early in the morning as all the missionaries in the Zone helped out at the Youth Tri-stake Conference. The Stevensvile, Missoula, and Kalispell Stakes. I was able to see several people from my first area and from my last area! It was neat to see all of them again. Anyway, I helped out with the activities. I was with Elder Remington, and we had two posts with ropes that had about 16 holes in them that is just big enough for them to go through. The point was for the youth, groups of about 14, to get through the holes without touching the ropes. Once a person went through the hole they couldn't use that same hole again. It is hard to explain, it would be easier if you actually saw it. Anyway, we then shared a spiritual thought at the end about how the activity related to the repentance process. How the ropes represent sin and temptation. How some struggled to get through the rope, in which case they had to go back and do it again. Sometimes we think we have repented an realize we haven't and have to go through the process again. It may be difficult, and may need help from others, which the youth need help, but will be rewarding once you finish the repentance process.

After the Conference we had Zone Training for our Zone. That was really good, and of course they had me go up and bear my testimony. I felt that this was a lot more difficult to do than when I did it at the Mission Tour. It was good though. I'm running out of time, hope you have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

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