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Monday, April 15, 2013

Elder Burrows Meets the Burrows

"And thus ended the nineteenth year of the reign of Elder Ashcroft." (Alma 49:29)

This has been a very good week. Elder Burrows is spending about a week with us. He came Friday and will be staying till Thursday. So we have been working with a less active in Lone Pine who hasn't been to church in over 50 years! She is the nicest lady I have met and she is so close to coming back to church! She actually offered to give another lady a ride to church but the other member has been sick, so she hasn't been to church yet. :(  On Friday Elder Packham, Elder Burrows and I went to Thompson Falls and did some community service. We helped in the Beautification Day which the town does every year. People go out and do projects around town. So we helped pull out crab weeds from rose bushes. There was a 100 yard line of rose bushes. After we pulled all the weeds we helped put mulch in. So we spent 6 hours out there working. Also a nonmember gave us $40 for lunch which was very generous. After that we went back in Plains and chopped wood for an older couple in the Branch. Then right after that we had dinner, so by the end of the day we passed out, after planning of course.

Sunday was really good. I love fast Sunday because of the opportunity to hear people bear their testimonies. Oh yeah, the Stake President here in Kalispell got called as an area seventy in General Conference. So we have stake conference next Sunday to get a new stake presidency. Sunday was really good, the three of us went tracting and we got two potentials out of it.  Also on Sunday night we took Elder Burrows to see the Burrows, they are not related. The Burrows are our investigators. We taught the Restoration and it went really well. The were very open and a lot of the things they believed was exactly what we believed. We got a little bit into the Plan of Salvation and it was a very good lesson. We gave them the Book Of Mormon and invited them to read the Introduction, and they were like, no, we are going to read the whole book! So excited for them and I hope that they will read the BOM and to find out the truth for themselves! That was the highlight of my week.

So we are going to Kalispell today for a meeting, so we are going to stay at the Zone leaders place tonight. Oh, I received the package and I'm planning on making the cake tonight. :)  Oh, I also got Julia's wedding invitation this morning! Can you send me the picture of me that will be at the wedding? Jordan said I was 6 feet tall and he said he was going to chop my feet off so I would be shorter. Haha.

Well that is all, oh, and we should get the new bikes in next week. :) Can't wait. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Ashcroft

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