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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Investigator

This been a slow week with transfer. I am really sad that Elder Bishop is gone but I'm adjusting. I'm getting along with Elder Packam, he is my first 18 year old companion. So on Wednesday I was able to help at the sheep farm again while waiting for the new arrival of missionaries. I was also able to help at the food bank.

I really don't like taking over areas, especially since I have only been in Thompson Falls for 1 week and trying to remember everyone we're supposed to see. So we went on splits with 2 of the youth on Thursday and I went with Bryce and went to see a former investigator who never got taught because she was so busy. So we saw her, but unfortunately she was in the middle of cooking dinner, but the good news is, she was really nice and wanted us to come back so we set an appointment for Wednesday the next time we are in Thompson Falls. Super pumped to be able to teach her, in the records she really wanted to take lessons but has always been busy but now have more time. So hopefully this turns out well. Other than that we haven't had a very successful week. Things were moving very slowly. Hopefully things will pick up.

General Conference was amazing. We went up to Colombia Falls which is North of Kalispell for Saturday General Conference. We went to the Shaws to watch the broadcast. Elder Shaw is one of the counselors for President Mecham so he invited all the missionaries to watch at his house. It was a great day. I really enjoyed General Conference. I really liked Elder L. Tom Perry's talk, felt like he was rebuking the world and that we can't pick and choose what commandment we wanted to live by. I also enjoyed Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy. I enjoyed his talk on the Atonement. Those two talks really stood out for me.

This has really been a challenging week for me but I know things will get better and I must rely on the Lord and that all things are possible through him. Hope your week goes well!

Elder Ashcroft

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