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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rough Week

So, the beginning of the week was good. I was sad to see Elder Packham go. We had a good 6 weeks together. He was able to say all his goodbyes to all the people he wanted to see. Tuesday night I drove all the way to Columbia Falls, which is 10 miles north of Kalispell, and we spent the night there with the Elders there. So Wednesday when everyone left I was with Elder Sagers who is serving in Columbia Falls who is 6'9" and with Elder Snyder who is serving in Eureka. So we spent the whole day cleaning out the place that Columbia Falls live in. It was nasty, because Elder Sagers is moving into another home. Oh, it wasn't Elder Sagers who made the mess either, most of it was his other companion. Anyway, took us about 5 hours to clean the place. Seems like I'm always cleaning some missionaries place.

So I have been sick the last few days. From Thursday to now. I'm struggling right now with my companion. I have been made senior companion and District Leader now.

I really love the members here but I feel like I have nothing left to offer here in this area. I have been trying for 10 weeks doing many service opportunities and finding ideas and all I succeeded in doing is dropping some less actives we were seeing or potential investigators as they were not going anywhere. I guess I'm just feeling down a lot lately. I'm still trying to find people to teach and finding service opportunities and all that it just that I feel like this area is dead. I don't know, I'll keep trying the best I can and keep praying for opportunities and hopefully some miracle will happen.

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. This is the first time on Devin's mission that I've seen a hint of him being "down" What I find amazing in reading these missionary letters home is how the experiences they get are so USEFUL in LIFE. The way they are so committed to serving & building the Lord's kingdom by introducing the "SPIRIT" into the lives of those who are so unaware it's possible is eye opening. Prayer is key to all the possibilities & miracles we seek. His reliance on that power can only BREAK through the obstacles in his way. Thanks for sharing!