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Monday, November 18, 2013

3 Baptisms

So this has been a good week. So we had Zone Training Wednesday and that went pretty well. Learned all sorts of stuff, mostly refreshers for me but it was all really good. My discussion with Elder Linton went pretty well I suppose according to what other missionaries told us... not sure if they are reliable sources haha. It went well.

Then on Thursday I caught the flu and I was like how is this possible!!!? I got the flu shot this year unlike last year and still caught the flu. Anyway, wasn't as bad as the last time I caught the flu, but anyway I was down for the count on Thursday with throwing up all morning and with headaches. Fortunately the flu only lasted for a day. So that evening while I was sick I went to a member's place while Elder Linton went with a member and saw some people. Apparently I missed a very good lesson with an investigator I haven't met yet who started crying and knew the church was true but still didn't commit to baptism. I was bummed that I missed that.

So Saturday we had 3 baptisms! Super sweet, one was a member baptism of an 8 year old at 10 in the morning. Then we had Mitchell's baptism at 1 where I gave a talk on baptism and Elder Linton spoke on the Holy Ghost. That went very well. Then at 4 we had Russ' Baptism in which Elder Linton baptized him. That one went very well. Then for some reason they wanted me to confirm Russ on Sunday, so I was able to do that yesterday which was super sweet. That is the second confirmation I have done so I knew what I was doing this time so that was a really neat experience. :)

So we have Elder Thawley with us for a couple of days He's been with us since 8 in the morning yesterday and is staying with us till tomorrow morning. Been a blast with him so far! He is a super awesome missionary. So I believe for today we will be playing basketball which should be fun! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Ashcroft

P.S. So Riverton and Shoshoni are all on the reservation. I forgot to talk about my area and Riverton. So Riverton isn't the safest place to be. A lot of drunk Indians and a lot of drugs, crime and violence have been happening around town. We cover the roughest part of town as well. We cover two parts called All Nation and Garden North and both are extremely bad neighborhoods with a lot of bad stuff happening. Just last week somebody held a gun to a lady's head at Walmart. Then there have been about 5 people killed this month already. So a lot of things are happening here in this small town of Riverton. Anyway, we've been fine, hope you have a great week!


  1. That's quite a PS! Almost like it wasn't worth mentioning ha the pics and I read this blog every week just so you know. :)

  2. I like how he makes sure you know he's fine! : ) It's so amazing to see how much he has gone thru in a short amount of time. Even when he thinks there's not much going on there's is constant growth occurring within. Nice post!