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Monday, February 3, 2014

Powell, WY

Well, this been a pretty cold week and it is going to be a lot worse this week, going to be below 0 several days this week. I made it to Powell Wednesday as Elder Rasmusson and Elder Inman were in Helena for Leadership Council Meeting Tuesday and didn't get back till Wednesday. So Powell is a College Town and we cover Powell 1 & 3. The Sisters cover the YSA and Powell 2 ward. Elder Rasmusson is from Reno, Nevada and has been out 7 months. Elder Inman is from Surprise, AZ and has been out a year. They are great missionaries and I love them a lot! We have several people we are working with and the members here are great! We are picking up more and more people to teach as we are focusing on finding as well as on the people we do have.

Wow, my mind is blank right now, can't think what else happened this week. Oh yeah, so the Sisters, Sister Romrell and Sister Randell had a baptism Saturday. Their investigator called them Friday saying he wanted to be baptized Saturday and he been taught everything. So they had a day to invite people and to make the program, which turned out really nice. It was actually a really good baptism and good attendance considering just a day's notice! It is always nice to attend a baptism service.

So, being with Zone Leaders is great as I get to know what is happening in the Zone. So in the past this Zone had a bad history and not a lot of success and missionaries not doing what they should be doing. So there have been huge changes here and there are great things happening in the Zone now. Also, I have been helping Elder Rasmusson and Elder Inman as they are both new to being Zone Leaders and still learning. Even though I haven't been Zone Leader I have had experience being around them quite often. This is my fifth time being companions with Zone Leaders. I enjoy being companions with Zone Leaders a lot as they are obedient and are always awesome to be around as well!

One of the coolest things about being a missionary is free hair cuts. I will be getting a hair cut this week which I am looking forward to. Also, there is a member here who is a dentist and he offered to clean our teeth. So we just have to set up an appointment. So I'm looking forward to that as well. Also, I did service for a less active in redoing his house and he works with hearing aids, so he offered to clean my hearing aids for free and he is going to give me hearing aid batteries as well! So that is really cool. Being a missionary definitely has benefits and blessings.

Well that is all, hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Ashcroft

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