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Monday, February 17, 2014

Zone Training

Well, planning for Zone Training for Elder Inman and Elder Rasmusson was a little hectic. So we were having a new missionary meeting in Worland Tuesday which we were going to go to because since they are Zone Leaders they needed to go to that, then we were going to have our Zone Training here in Powell for Thursday. However, none of that happened the way we were planning it. We got a call from the Assistants late Monday afternoon saying we were going to combine our Zone Training with the Wyoming South Zone in Worland for Tuesday. So we had to let everyone know that it was the next day and not Thursday and that the new missionary meeting was right after Zone Training. The reason was so President Mecham didn't have to make two trips to Wyoming so he was able to see us. So it was crazy for Elder Inman and Elder Rasmusson as they had to get rid of half the assignments they had made and had to coordinate with the Zone Leaders in Wyoming South Zone. It all worked out in the end.

There were very good discussions at the Zone Training. Elder Rasmusson spoke about the importance of Leadership and the Priesthood. How the organization of the church is set up. How we have Bishops, then stake Presidents, area seventies, apostles, and then Prophet, then God. And how the mission is set up the same way, District Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, Assistants, then President Mecham, Prophets, then God. He explained the role of Leadership and why they were there. How it isn't about the person, but about the Office. For example, it isn't Elder Rasmusson who is instructing the Zone, but it is the Zone Leader who is instructing the Zone. Hope that makes sense. Also how these callings aren't about power or a ladder, but where the Lord needs you to be. Really good discussion.

Elder Inman spoke about how we can find happiness in our mission. What I can remember is he related Alma when he goes to the city of Ammonihah, i believe? Anyway, they rejected Alma and he was about to leave and found out he isn't being transfered! Instead, he got a new companion, Amulek. He related that sometimes we feel we've done all we can in an area and we want to leave, but we get disappointed when we find out we are staying with a new companion. How Alma was able to find success and we could too if we have a good attitude.

I can't really remember what the other spoke on. We then stayed for the new missionary meeting which went well. So we were in Worland from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. So that was fun.

The rest of the week didn't go so well. One of the part member family we have on date got sick so we couldn't see them, but we were able to read the Book of Mormon with them last night and are doing well. The other part member family the husband, who is not a member is in North Dakota right now, so we couldn't meet with them. Everyone else was not home or wouldn't answer the door this week.

Sunday our Ward mission leader, Brother George, took us out to see people. We found a new less active couple and had a good lesson. Invited them to church. They have 3 kids sealed in the temple, they have never gone to the temple, so we made that their goal with them to get sealed with their kids. Brother George is awesome! His father also just got a call to be a mission President in Mexico and leaves in April. Anyway, things are going great! Hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Ashcroft

Elder Ashcroft wiping the snow off the car.

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