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Monday, March 17, 2014

Mission Leadership Council

Well, had my first official mission leadership council in Helena Tuesday. Been to one before back in July as a guest. Anyway, it was Fantastical! I was able to see a lot of my previous companions and those I served around. There have been several things that have been approved for our mission now which is exciting. One, everyone has texting now, before it was just the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. So that is pretty exciting. Also, the whole mission now have the opportunity to go to the Billings Temple once a transfer as long as we get rides from members and we are back in our area by 6 p.m. which means my Zone wouldn't be able to do it as it is too far away and wouldn't be able to get back by 6 in time. But it is a lot nicer for other Zones as before only the two Billings Zones could go. So that is super Sweet!
As a Zone Leader it takes up a lot of our time, even such a small zone as Stevensville! A lot of administrative work and dealing with missionary problems. This week, Elder Burrows, our Assistant and who came out with me and my previous companion, came back with us after the MLC in Helena so he could do some exchanges and some business here in the Stevensville Zone/Stake. There have been several issues with some missionaries and with the Stake members. So that has been very interesting as we have some things we have to follow up that Elder Burrows would like us to do. So many things we have to take care of, feels like we neglect our area sometimes, fortunately we have another set of Awesome missionaries in Corvallis that are doing a lot of great things.

I Love being a missionary and grateful to be serving here in Corvallis and in the Montana Billings Mission! I see so many miracles and blessings everyday and wish I could just be a full time missionary forever! Anyway, hope you have a fantastical week!

Elder Ashcroft

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