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Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfer News! :o

Well, just having quite a conversation with a potential investigator that the Sister's Ward Mission Leader brought to us in the college library. We answered a lot of her questions and taught some principles from the Restoration. The girl is from New York and it was quite a conversation. Let's just say people from New York have different personalities as to humor, eventually the Sisters showed up so we were able to transition her to the Sisters as she is in their area. So that was really cool.

So, Sunday we got a call from President Mecham during dinner so we missed it and he left a voicemail saying I need to call him back. So that made me little nervous of course. So I called him back after dinner and found out that I will be a Zone Leader in the Stevensville Zone! I suppose I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I'm sure I will do great! This also means I am going back to Corvallis, where I got doubled in there last year in January and was only there for 3 weeks. Back in the day when it was still in the Missoula Zone. Stevensville became its own Zone back in August and Corvallis is now a Zone Leader Area. So my new companion is Elder Black who I have never met before. All I know about him is he is from Arizona and has been out 14 months I believe? So this should be an interesting transfer. Luckily I know what my responsibility as a Zone Leader as I've spent a quarter of my mission with Zone Leaders haha.

So yesterday Brother George, our ward mission leader, took us out to see people which we didn't have that much success but was good. Afterward we ate dinner at his place where he lives halfway between Powell and Cody. He showed us around his dairy farm and all the cows and all the food they feed the cows. I learned that cows are on a strict diet and are heavily monitored. They just got new technology that shows what the cows should be eating and how much. It also shows how much money they lose if they mess up the diet. He said in one month they lost at least $60,000 which is insane! So that was cool and interesting fact.

It's been freezing here and there's lots and lots of snow. So we have done lots of shoveling for people. My eyelashes started to freeze shut and my eyebrows started growing icicles. That was fun I suppose. haha

Also, we went to an investigator's 1 year old's birthday party which was inside a Baptist Church which was quite interesting as I have never been inside a Baptist church. Birthday party was interesting and fun I suppose. we hope to start teaching the investigator and her family.

I'm sad to leave Powell, only been here a month. It's been great here and I have enjoyed it here. I'm now onto my 17th area and 27th companion! Crazy huh? Well, hope you have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

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