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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Staying Busy!

Wow, what a week! Sorry I wasn't able to write yesterday since it was the holiday and the libraries were closed. I also only have 12 min. to write, so hopefully I can include everything and not forget anything. My companion is Elder Croteau and he is an amazing missionary. We get along very well and he is very hard working. We live with the Holmes and I really love them, they are amazing and very hospitable. So we are basically cleaning up the area as the past missionaries weren't very obedient and didn't have trust with the members. Our area book hasn't been updated since October, which was Elder Hatch who is now AP. I actually cover two wards, Corvallis and Darby. I haven't been in Darby yet but we have met our Ward Mission Leader there and told us what was going on. They have 120 people who have a potential in becoming Elders. So all we have to do is reactivate them. There is also a lot of part member families. Corvallis isn't really a town, more like an area since all the homes are spread out. We also met with our Ward Mission Leader in Corvallis and he helped us a lot with who the investigators are. We also have Pinesdale in our area which is a polygamist colony. We can not go in there unless we have a set appointment and have our Ward Mission Leader or Bishopbric come with us. Pinesdale is a break off from our church, the FLDS. A lot of our baptisms in our area come from Pinesdale. We have four excommunicated investigators who are waiting for the General Authority to let them be baptized. We went to a family yesterday and they referred us to 12 families! They were waiting for missionaries they could trust and they trusted us! We have a Ford Fusion which is terrible for our area. We have been stuck in a ditch 3 times now. Each time it took us 5-8 tries to get us out. Everytime we say a prayer though, we are able to get out. We do not have four wheel drive. Yesterday P-Day was the best  I've had so far, we played dodge ball for for 3 hours, but I'm super sore right now. I'm out of time, but I love ya.

Ok, I'm back on again, so I have more time and can go more into details. So about Pinesdale, around here we do NOT call ourselves Mormons, because people associate that name to the polygamists in Pinesdale. In Corvallis Ward a lot of members came from Pinesdale. The FLDS teach the same thing we teach and believe in the BOM and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. They broke off when we stopped practicing polygamy. They also have another group in Salt Lake City. Anyway, that is Pinesdale and we're not allowed to go in there without an appointment. I really wish we had a truck, it's terrible with the Ford Fusion that doesn't have four wheel drive, we can't really get anywhere, so we have been doing a lot of tracting. As I said, P-day, we did dodge ball and I'm sore everywhere. My back hurts, my shoulder hurts, my legs hurt, and my butt hurts. :(  Haha, but it was fun and worth it. That was also the first time that our whole zone met for P-day. All 16 of us. It feels weird to be back in Missoula  but nice also to be back in the Zoo Zone. Mi-zoo-la. Haha. Anyway, Elder Croteau and I are working hard and rebuilding the trust with the members here. Well, sure do love ya!

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  1. Devins so funny! What a terrific post. Never heard of that group in Pinesdale. All I can say is he's doing a GREAT JOB as a MISSIONARY! GO DEVIN!!!