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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Moving Around

So, it has been great being with the Zone Leaders. I was with them until Thursday. On Thursday we went to Helena because Elder Davis became the new AP  and we had to bring a car in since it hit it's 50,000 miles. So we drove 2 vehicles up. I drove the Truck to Helena with Elder Wade as my passenger. It was a nice 2 hours drive and the road was covered in snow and ice. So when I reached Helena a lady was stopping into a stop sign and slid in the middle of the road so I had to swerve at the last second to avoid her, good thing I have amazing driving skills! :) We then also picked up Elder Thawley and Elder Hatch (Ex-AP) because they are the new Zone Leaders in Missoula, they are in a trio with Elder Anderson. Then we drove back to Missoula and they dropped me off to my first area to be in Clinton! :) I have been with Elder Stephens and Elder Doyle this past week and I'll be with them till Wednesday. Elder Stephens is from Utah and Elder Doyle is from New York. It has been nice to see people in Clinton again. But, I got sick Thursday Evening and slept all day Friday with a sore throat and headache. Then I lost my voice. I still can't talk and have to whisper. This really stinks, because on Sunday I saw everybody and I tried to talk to them, but I had to whisper the whole time.

So today we got our transfer call and I will be going back to Corvallis with Elder Croteau again. Elder Hansen (visa waiter) will be with the Zone Leaders. I found out that one of our investigator in Corvallis went to Church yesterday! Made me super happy. I'm excited to go back to Corvallis. Anyway, that's basically what happened this week. Bunch of moving around. Hope you guys have a great week.

Elder Ashcroft


  1. Devin this is Tyler Kharazi, I just got my call today to serve in the BILLINGS, MONTANA MISSION REPORTING JUNE 12TH

  2. Tyler, that is so exciting! I will let Devin know.