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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Transformation Through the Gospel :)

Well, this has been a good week. I love being around Elder Davis and Elder Anderson. Elder Davis spends the morning with us then in the afternoons we drop him off to the other companionship in Missoula and we pick him up at the end of the day. Some days he just stays with me and Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson has been out 19 months and Elder Davis been out 18 months. Elder Anderson is from Linden, Utah, next to Pleasant Grove, and Elder Davis is from Mesa, Arizona. You know, I actually really like being in a trio, it is really fun and I learn a lot being around them. I actually learn a lot about what the Zone Leaders responsibilities are and what they actually do. Some missionaries are saying I'm going Zone Leader soon, but I really doubt that. So I met Elder Hansen, the visa waiter, he is waiting to go to Australia. he is a really cool Elder and from what I have heard is a hard working missionary. 

Zone Conference on Wednesday was really good and President Mecham was there. We talked a lot about the Trust Box. So there is a big box as we missionaries can be in. We have a lot of free agency and we can make a lot of choices. But sometimes we do some little things that bring us out of that big trust box, such as sleeping in till 8 in the morning. We don't need to necessarily tell President Mecham about that, but we just need to repent  and get inside the trust box by waking up at 6:30 the next day. Unfortunately there are some missionaries that stay outside the Trust box and create their own little box, in that box President Mecham and Zone Leaders will keep close watch on those missionaries and help them get back to the big trust box. If they refuse to change they will be sent in a box shaped like a plane and will be sent home where they can live in their own box they created since they can't live inside the big trust box. Unfortunately someone who used to be my companion is in my Zone who is in his little box right now and Elder Davis has been spending time with him, but it hasn't looked like he has changed much and I don't know if he is going to change and how much longer he has to be in that little box.

So, there is an amazing experience, or a witness of what took place. So, before I left Missoula to go to Roundup, about 2 months ago, on a p-day, I went with the Zone Leaders, Elder Anderson and Elder Branham, to Walmart and they stopped a less active girl, in her 20's, and she seemed way off and depressed, shy, and didn't really want to talk to us. So I saw her on Friday at the library with Elder Anderson and Elder Davis and she has totally changed. She was so happy, talkative, and could see a glow about her. Elder Anderson said she just started going back to church and she just changed. He said she is now the best member missionary and every Sunday she always brings someone new to Church with her. She actually said she feels the most happy in her life when she does missionary work. I saw her again at church at the University Ward. It's amazing what change the Gospel can do to people.

So Elder Anderson and I were going around trying to see people, and we were going to see a lady, a potential Investigator, a referral. Elder Anderson asked me to say a prayer before we knocked on her door, so I prayed that we would be able to see her and be able to teach her. We then knocked on her door, she answered and said she was busy, but she said we can see her on Tuesday. Elder Anderson said I should pray more often for him, because he has been trying to get in contact with her for 4 1/2 months. So were excited to see her on Tuesday.

So, this has been a very good week. Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. I just love seeing the impact the Church has on people's lives. The missionaries are growing Spiritually & so are those who allow them into their lives. What WONDERFUL stories he had to share in this letter. Love Devin!