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Monday, March 4, 2013

Food Allergy and Asthma Attack!!! :0

Man I get moved around too much... I just got transferred all the way to Riverton, Wyoming Thursday. Crazy huh! Haha, JK, that never happened. I'm still here in Kalispell. This has been a very good week. So it has been basically just been me and Elder Burrows all week. Elder Scott went to Whitefish for a week with the other companionship. Elder Scott will be back today. So on Tuesday Elder Burrows and I went to Polson for District meeting and Polson is a very nice area and the Flathead Lake is amazing. District meeting was good. Man I love being with Elder Burrows, there is never a dull moment with him. On Wednesday we spent 3 hours helping a lady on her sheep farm. We had to move a bunch of hay around and feed the sheep and other things around the farm. That was pretty fun. We do this every Wednesday. Okay here is the funny story that happened Thursday night that goes to the title of my email. So we had dinner with a member and we went out to eat and I had some delicious steak. Dinner was great. So after dinner we had an appointment with an investigator and his less active wife. They just got their pizza and we were planning on teaching the Plan of Salvation but we wanted to wait till after they ate. Because we just ate we didn't have pizza. But after 10 minutes of talking with them Elder Burrows decided to have a slice of pizza. The pizza was covered in cheeze and had some peppers in it so Elder Burrows didn't think much of it. Then halfway through his pizza he had a puzzled look on his face and the investigator asked what was wrong. Elder Burrows asked what was on his pizza. The investigator said it had chicken in it. Here is the catch, Elder Burrows is allergic to chicken! So he started freaking out and said we had to leave so he could take some benedryl. I think it was a blessing that this happened though, cause they had a bizillions of cats in their trailer and smelled terribly like cats so I was wheezing in there and could barely breathe and my inhaler was in the car. So we pretty much said a hurried goodbye and said we be back later and rushed to the car. When we got in the car Elder Burrows was fumbling through his backpack for his benedryl and I was fumbling through mine to get my inhaler. We got home about 20 minutes later and called the investigator back saying we won't be back that night, but we rescheduled for next week. Elder Burrows was fine and didn't have any reaction really, but the benedryl knocked him out about an hour later. We just laughed about it later because we were such goofballs that were having issues that night haha. We are always having small funny moments.

So the other day we came home for lunch and Elder Burrows decided to make pancakes for us. The pancakes turned out to be fat and he was having trouble flipping the pancakes, so it didn't look very well.(Tasted fine) Then he had some batter left and made a small pancake, and he was discouraged and cooked it about 10 seconds on each side and it looked great and gave it to me. So we were eating the pancakes and I thought I tasted bananas in it along with the huckleberries. He said there were no bananas in it, but I swore to him I kept tasting the banana. Then I pointed out the yellow stuff in the pancake and he fooled me to believing that it was just the batter not getting mixed up. I eventually found out it was bananas in the pancakes. Anyway the big ugly pancakes tasted good. Then the small one I had I took a bit and I said to Elder Burrows, "I can see why this small pancake is sad with the big ugly pancakes." It wasn't cooked all the way and doughy on the inside, but looked great on the outside. We thought it was the funniest thing. But we learned a lesson from this, it doesn't matter what you look on the outside, but what it is on the inside. You could be amazing person on the inside and we shouldn't judge people based on how they look. The Gospel is for everyone.

So Elder Burrows and I had a great experience on Saturday. We got a call from a member lady in our ward who is a home teacher to an inactive lady, who is the grandma of Garret who was baptized two Saturdays ago. So we found out that her husband and son-in-law passed away about 2 weeks ago and now her sister is in the hospital and doesn't have long to live. So we went to the hospital and the inactive Sister was there with her non-member sister (who doesn't have long to live) and 2 non-members daughter.s I anointed the oil to the member's sister and Elder Burrows gave a great blessing. We could really feel the spirit. Then Elder Burrows gave the inactive sister an amazing blessing and we could all really feel the spirit. It was a great experience. Then on Sunday we found out that the inactive member's sister had died an hour after we left. So after church we visited the member and her family and Elder Burrows shared a powerful testimony of how he could relate to them with his family member. We could really feel the spirit and we will be in touch with them.

Boy this a long email haha. So, I will pack again this week, because the Klingensmith will be moving to Las Vegas in 2 weeks and their daughter is coming next week, so we will be moving Saturday to the Tolley's. Sister Tolley used to be a Professional Chef. I can't wait and they are a cool family. Anyway, that is my week. Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. When Devin was talking about working with the Hay, I thought he was going to say he had issues as alot of people have allergies to hay & grass, etc. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to chicken! Ugh on the cats....I totally know what that allergy feels like as well as the hay, grass...

    This Mission is perfect for Devin & vice versa! So nice to see how much he's grown!