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Monday, March 11, 2013


What a great and crazy week! So on Tuesday was our District meeting and I gave a discussion on recognizing and relying on the spirit. I think it went pretty well, considering I didn't get the assignment  until about half hour before District meeting. I haven't been able to give a discussion the past 8-9 weeks just because I'm moving around so much. Wednesday was fun, I helped at the food bank in the morning from 10-12. Then after that I worked at the sheep farm from 1-3. I enjoy working at the sheep farm and sad I won't be helping there anymore which I will explain later. Then the Klingensmith took us out for dinner since it will be the last time having dinner with them since they are moving. Then on Thursday we went to Whitefish to help Sis. Robinson, the one who has a sheep farm, to help Sis. Robinson's friend shear some sheep. That was a really cool and fun experience. It was interesting to watch the sheep get sheared. There were about 12 sheep get sheared. I got a picture with Blossom before she got sheared. I will try and send some pictures as soon as I can. Before I talk about Friday, on Saturday I helped Elder Burrrows and Elder Scott move out of the Klingensmith and help them move into the Tolleys. They are living in a nice house and live in the mountains with a great view of Flathead Lake. Super Jealous! Okay, on Friday I received a call and I got transferred to Thompson Fall and Plains. I replaced Elder Bond, who's only been out 3 months who got sent to Wyoming. Now I will be training Elder Bishop who's been out 3 weeks. Elder Bishop is from Raleigh, North Carolina. He is really awesome and is great! We get along great and Thompson Fall is beautiful and I can see this beautiful greenish blue river from our house. Well, not really a house, we live in our Branch President's Garage. We have a small room, a bathroom, a tiny little kitchen which just has dishes, sink, a skillet, and microwave. Anyway, our room, kitchen, and bathroom hasn't been cleaned in like a year! It was Gross! So this morning Elder Bishop and I vacuumed and cleaned our room. We borrowed the dishwasher at the Campbell's so we can wash all the dirty dishes, cleaned the drawers which contained our silverware, because it was dirty and had dead bugs in there. We also cleaned our nasty bathroom sink, disgusting toilet, and  dirty shower. We really made sure it was clean. Next time we are here we are going to clean the bathroom floor and the walls. We switch to Plains and Thompson Falls every Monday night. They are about 30 miles apart and each are a branch. Thompson Falls had about 20 people there yesterday at church. So tonight we leave for Plains for all of this week. I love being out here. So I also started the process of being online. I have to do a blog the first 6 weeks before I get a facebook account. So I just started a blog. You can see it at   I encourage you to view my blog :)  Can't believe Davey is leaving so soon and to Argentina! Is he going to the same mission as my cousin Lauren? Anyway, it has been a great week. Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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