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Monday, March 25, 2013

Who is Sister Ashcroft?

So I forgot to mention this in previous emails since I have been in T-Falls/Plains. A lot of people kept saying that my name sounds familiar, then I found out there was a sister missionary of Sister Ashcroft. I then found her name in the area book that she updated and found out she served in T-Falls/Plains in January and February of 2011. But, I have no idea who she is, so do you know who it is? I'm assuming she is related to me somehow.

The weather here has been bipolar all week. It will be snowing one moment then the sun will be out, then snow again, it will repeat this cycle 3-4 times a day and has been doing this all week. The snow will melt and be gone within an hour so it doesn't stay for very long. It has been in 20's to 60's this week, goes up and down. Elder Bishop and I are going hiking today at Baldy Mountain in Plains with the Youth since they have spring break this week. I can't wait, should be fun.

Elder Bishop and I had a great week this week. We received 3 new investigators this week! Probably the most new investigators I received in a week so far in my mission. Usually I get 0 new investigators. We are teaching a 9 year old and a 10 year old who are granddaughters of an active member. Then we are teaching an older lady who is retired and invited us back. We will see how these people will go. On Thursday we had two 16 year old Priests come on splits with us so they can know what it is like to be a missionary and I think this will be something that we will be doing on a regular basis. Elder Bishop and I split up with the young men and saw a less active and a member, then we met up together and saw another member. I think it was a great experience for them and I wish I did this before I came out. It was really neat.

On Saturday Elder Bishop and I helped out at a Senior Citizen Community Center, we helped with the breakfast there. They also did a craft fair so we helped them get things from their car and bring them in and help them set them up. It was a great missionary opportunity to be out in the community and be seen. A lot of people were coming up to Susan and Nanni who are awesome members who invited us to help at the center, who we were, what church we go to, and what we do. You could tell they really appreciated our help. So we helped in the morning then we left and we went to a member's house and helped her get rid of about 50 wasp nests that were all empty. There were 3 dead wasps in a nest that had frozen to death. Then after that we went to Joyce, our new investigator, to rake her front yard and she lives by the senior center and everybody who was driving from or to the Senior center saw us raking leaves. We then went back to the Senior Center to help them put things away and load their items back in their car. A lot of people were impressed by us. In fact one lady gave us $10 and we tried to tell her we were just volunteering and she told us to just give it to the church then, so we will find some use for it. Another lady got our mailing address and I guess she is going to mail us something. Anyway, it was a really good experience and the man in charge invited us back to help on every other Thursday evenings. Also we will help with their yard work. We also filled up some pot holes in the driveway in the parking lot in the morning and everybody appreciated that too. The people were very thankful for what we did. We are also going to help a lady do some yard work and she is little interested in what we believe.

This had been a very good week. We helped a less active build a gate on their porch which took awhile but was fun. One of the best weeks I have had! :) Hope your week goes well.

Elder Ashcroft

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