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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eventful Week

So many things happened this week between me and Elder Gunnerson. I guess I will talk about all the things that happened this week between the two of us. So to start it off on Tuesday, we were at a stop light and Elder Gunnerson turned left onto a 3 lane one way street full of cars going the wrong way! He had to drive through the bike lane and surprisingly I don't think any of the drivers realized what happened. We got out of there as quick as possible and I made fun of him for that all the time now haha.  Then on Wednesday night we have a fan in the hall way and I walked right into it as I was going to the bathroom and hit my shin against the fan, that was very painful so now Elder Gunnerson makes fun of me for that. There are other things as well but I can't remember them all.

We both got sick around the same time on Friday and we both think it was from the dinner we had from Wednesday as the hamburger we had tasted funny and a bit odd and out of the ordinary. But we are doing much better now.

So on Tuesday we were asked to open a church building to let all the Zone Leaders who were in Helena for the Zone Leadership Council. The bad thing that happened that morning was that Elder Gunnerson had a allergic reaction that morning from breakfast. (Background note: Elder Gunnerson is allergic to fruits and uncooked veggies because of the pollens. His throat will swell up causing him to suffocate.) We had oatmeal that morning that the Stangers made us and I think he got it from the almonds. So he took a whole bottle of benadryl so he was loopey all day so President Mecham invited us to stay at the Zone Leadership Council and that was amazing. I learned a whole lot and learned ways the we can be better missionaries. As a mission we are trying to be the most obedient mission in the world. We are trying to get rid of things that distract us from focusing on our mission and on the Savior. Which unfortunately means I have to send home some Christian Rock CDs home. :(  But I know I will be blessed by being obedient.

We then had District Meeting on Tuesday which was amazing. We learned from the examples of Jacob (BoM) and Joseph Smith of their faith and how we could relate it to us as missionaries and how we can develop more faith. It was a very good meeting. I am always finding ways I can do better to draw more closer to the Savior.

This Sunday was a little disappointing as none of our investigators were at church because of the holiday.

Oh yeah! 4th of July was awesome! I found something really cool and awesome. I found out that we had dinner at the Shaws who is the son and daughter in-law of Brother and Sister Shaw from back home in Clovis! We stayed there to help set up a firework show at their place. Sister Shaw's father, Bro. Zinn is a CEO of some company in San Francisco, CA and he puts about $50,000 into this firework show. We had permission to stay up till 11 so we were able to watch the fireworks which was amazing! I also sang in the choir before the firework show. That was cool.

Anyway this has been a good week. Love ya!

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