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Monday, July 29, 2013

Graveside Dedication

Well, I forgot to mention this last week. I said a dedicatory prayer for a lady being buried. That was really interesting and pretty cool. There were about only five people there and I don't think they were members except for the lady that died. So it was a really interesting experience to do that. I can't believe I forgot to mention that last week.

So the week was spent on being either sick or lack of energy. I didn't get sick this week, but because of my companion's diet he is tired all of the time and has lack of energy. Somehow one way or the other we managed to get a few things done this week. We were able to meet with Leah and she just has one more lesson to go, which is the 10 commandments and an interview and she is good to go for this Saturday and should be baptized. We find out Wednesday who she wants to have her baptized and have her confirmed. I'm thinking it might be one of us as Bro. Romo encouraged her to have  one of us baptize her, so we will see what the decision is. I can't wait for Saturday! So our appointment with the Halls for Friday dropped as something came up  so they weren't able to feed us and have us teach them. The good news is that they came to church Sunday and got to hear Adam speak, who just came home from his mission from the Bahamas and Jamaica last week. It was a really good talk and the Halls really liked it. Sister Hall made a comment of how she is going to be like the Somoan lady from Adam's mission and be thanking us for sharing the Gospel with her! She made it sound like she wants to be baptized! That is so sweet! Something that every missionary like to hear! Anyway, we meet with them for this Friday for dinner. Looking forward for that.

So this is the last week of the Transfer and we get the transfer call next Monday. I am really hoping that I will stay here in Helena. Super nervous about the call and have an uneasy feeling about it. So hopefullly all is well. Well hope you have a wonderfull week.

Elder Ashcroft

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