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Monday, August 19, 2013


Well, this has been an interesting week. I had five companions this week. So I had Elder Gunnerson till Tuesday after District Meeting, which was really good and we talked about facebook. I should be creating my facebook account this week, I already had my interview by my Zone Leader so I'm good to go. Anyway, After District Meeting Elder Gunnerson went with the Lincoln Elders for a week long exchanges and not going to be back till tomorrow for District Meeting. So the plan was I was going to be with the Zone Leaders Elder Southwick and Elder Zacchilli, but we had a change of plan. Elder Smith, our AP(Assistant to President) came down from Billings to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, so I ended up being with Elder Thomas, who came with Elder Smith, and Elder Smith just came into the mission the day before, he is waiting for his visa for Brazil. So I had Elder Thomas from Tuesday afternoon to Friday evening. Elder Thomas is amazing! He is from Fort Collins, Colorado, an hour North of Denver. I found out that he holds the world record for the longest grind on a Unicycle. Meaning he rode 250 ft on a rail with the pedals of the unicycle. That is pretty amazing and he is on youtube apparently. So, anyway, after Friday evening Elder Smith and Elder Thomas left for Great Falls and I ended up being with the Zone Leaders.

So on Saturday with the Zone Leaders and I had to take one of the Sisters to Dillon to be on exchanges. So we had a long drive, pretty much took up most of the day. Dillon has two sets of missionaries now, a set of Elders and a set of Sisters. Then on Sunday I went to 3 wards for church. My two wards of Helena 2&4 and the Zone Leader's ward, Helena 5. So anyway, early in the morning we gave the presentation to Helena 2 and Elder Smith and Elder Thomas came back. So I ended up being with Elder Smith for sacrament meeting for 2nd ward while the ZLs and Elder Thomas went off to do something. We then went to my place for lunch before Elder Smith and Elder Thomas went to Missoula.

Gaaahh, I'm running out of time! So right now I'm with Elder Zacchilli and Southwick till tomorrow. Been a good week. Love ya bye!

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