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Monday, August 12, 2013

Many Things Happening

Well, this week has gone by pretty well. There are so many things that are happening in our mission and so many changes as our mission is making a pull for striving to be the most obedient mission in the world and to be a covenant keeping mission as well. As a mission the past several weeks and zone conferences have been focusing on keeping covenants. So I finally found out when I will get to go to the temple. I get to go on August 29. I can't wait. So on Thursday the Zone Leaders had a meeting with all the District Leaders from 2-9, which meant I had two other Elders with me all day in my area. One of the missionaries had only just arrived in Montana and he is an awesome missionary. Anyway Elder Gunnerson learned a lot and we are now restarting the Online Proselyting again for Facebook and Blogs. The whole program has been redone so now it will be more efficient and less distracting. Also we will now be creating a facebook page for the Wards to be able to update what is happening in the ward and area. It is super awesome and I will most likely be getting a facebook account soon.

Anyway, enough about that. So the Halls are doing amazing! We taught the Plan of Salvation in which we had many wonderful conversations. We then invited them to be baptized on September 28. Bro. Hall said yes but he said he will wait for Sis. Hall to make up her mind if she wants to get baptized. It is interesting how things are going with them. First he was really interested the first time we met, the next time she was super excited and he was more hesitant, and now he is all for it and she is hesitant and wants to take things slow. They were able to make it to church and the Grandma came as well!

Leah is doing well and I helped one of our ward missionaries teach the new member discussion with her. She is solid and still going to church and she participated with the choir last Sunday. Unfortunately she won't be here in Helena for too long as she will be going to basic training in September. We will actually be seeing her tonight when we eat with the Romos tonight. I'm excited for that.

We are still working with the three Lamanite kids. We are going to see them tonight as well and they have a date for September 7. Coming up pretty soon!

We taught a 9 year old girl last night the Plan of Salvation and she is solid! She has a date to be baptized on September 14. She is amazing!

Well, Elder Gunnerson is doing much better, found out it isn't from his allergy but he has stomach ulcers, which I guess comes from stress. So since he found this out he can eat a lot more and has medication he is taking which is helping a ton. He can now eat anything as long as it is low on salt and sugar and no dairy. But he is now eating more and feeling much better. :)

Well that is about it. Have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

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