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Monday, September 9, 2013


So last Saturday went really well as was the confirmation on Sunday for Saundra, Christian, and Jeron! So Elder Gunnerson baptized and confirmed Saundra and Christian and I baptized and confirmed Jeron. That was actually the first time I have done a confirmation which was exciting. So the scary part was that we were not told we were doing the confirmation so I was not prepared and didn't know what to say, luckily Elder Gunnerson did the first two so I knew what to say so I did it just great! It was super neat! The members have all been telling us what a big change the kids have made since they were in Primary, I guess they used to have issue just because of how they were raised, but they are super awesome!

We found 5 new investigators this week which is super exciting. 2 of the five we have set baptism date which was great! We have Kelly who actually contacted us saying he wanted to take the lessons and be baptized! Then we have a 9 year old boy who finally decided he wanted to be baptized so we are teaching him as well. This week we have another baptism for Elizabeth and this is a crazy week for her as we are trying to set up meeting time, set up for the baptism, and the interview. Been pretty crazy setting that up for her.

So we are doing another Zone P-Day today since we have Zone training again tomorrow, which meant more coordinating for us. We had to set up housing for the missionaries again and on top of that we had to find dinners and Family  Home Evening for all the missionaries. Boy we sure did make a lot of phone calls yesterday. Luckily we got that all figured out. Quite a hustle doing all that yesterday.

The Halls are still doing great. They already have the program for their baptism lined up and done. We just have a few more commandments to teach and we will be seeing them this Friday. They are still set for September 28.

So last Thursday night we get a call from our zone leaders saying President Mecham will be in town Friday morning and wanted to meet with us. So Friday morning we saw president Mecham with the zone leaders and had a secret combination together. Haha just kidding, but we found out that we will be having a new set of missionaries for Helena 2 ward, so splitting our area as well as getting new set for Helena 3 as the sisters had Helena 1&3. So Helena 2 will get a set of sister missionaries and Helena 3 will get Elders. So our district will be even bigger, 14 missionaries in our District. So transfer is next Wednesday and get the call next Monday. So I found out early from President Mecham that Elder Gunnerson and I will most likely be staying together in Helena 4. That will be 3 transfers with Elder Gunnerson! He will be my longest companion, also Helena 4 will be my longest area. He also said he plans on us staying together till the end of Elder Gunnerson's mission and he goes home in December. So hopefully it works out that way.

So this morning before I emailed Elder Gunnerson and I played frisbee golf which was awesome. I had an eagle (a hole in one) which was epic!

I guess that is all. Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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