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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Intense Week

So many things happened last week and been kinda stressful and amazing! Hmm, where to begin. We had a Zone P-day again last Monday in which we did basketball and Ultimate Frisbee which was super fun. We managed to set up all the dinner appointments for the Zone and it all went very well. We also found housing for all of them. Then on Tuesday we had another Zone Training which went pretty well. Wasn't as good as the last one but it was still pretty good.

Tuesday night was exchanges with 4th Ward which went pretty well, that was the last time I will be seeing Leah at the Romo's place for quite awhile since she will be going to Basic Training next week and is out of town this week. So that went pretty well.

Let's see, on Thursday we met with our brand new investigator Hannah who we received the referral from the Indiana Mission. We contacted her over the phone and set up the appointment over the phone. Anyway, she is super solid. We also had Beaugh an RM and Leah our recent convert there for the lesson. It went super well and Hannah is amazing. So at the end of the meeting somehow they brought up that Carroll College had a Homecoming that Saturday and Beaugh actually plays on the football team. Anyway Hannah asked if we were allowed to go to football games and Beaugh said we could as long as it was with investigators. (Which Elder Gunnerson and I thought that comment was golden.) So Hannah invited us and got us two free tickets and we went Saturday to Carroll College Homecoming game, which was awesome. So we were in the Student Section with Hannah and were able to watch the game and Beaugh make some awesome plays on defense. Anyway, Carroll of course won 21-7. So we will be seeing Hannah today at 1, looking forward for that.

So miracle of the week. So it was Saturday  after the football game, we received money from a member for dinner, so we decided to get something cheap, McDonalds. So we had dinner and then realized we had nothing to do, so Elder Gunnerson asked what I wanted to do, so I said let's go to the church building. I don't know why since we would have nothing to do there. So we went and right when we pulled in a car came around the corner in the parking lot. This couple wanted to know when church started. (We were super excited that they might not be members) So we said at 9. So the next day we saw them and they stayed for all 3 hours. So this is the Bradburys. So apparently they investigated the church a year ago when they were in Virginia. Then they moved to Helena a year ago and have been going to all the churches here in Helena. They said last week they decided to investigate our church again. Then another miracle, they almost went to the other church building by the capitol, but instead came to our building in the valley. The miracle about this is they went to the 4th Ward which is where they live in! The ward here is awesome because Bro. Schlecht (our ward mission leader, who is awesome!) invited the Bradburys to dinner with them next Sunday. They have already been fellowshipped. Another miracle is that they live right next door to an active family. :) They are already embraced by the ward!

The Halls are still doing well. They are still solid for baptism and they want both Elder Gunnerson and I to baptize them. :) Coming up on the 28th.

So now it comes to Transfer, so we found out that Elder Gunnerson and I are both staying. So this is my 3rd transfer with Elder Gunnerson, meaning he is my longest companion. Also this will be my longest area of 3 1/2 transfers here, surpassing my first area of 3 transfers.  Our Zone also has been split in two. There is now the Butte Zone and there is the Helena Zone. My area has been split, so tomorrow the Sisters will arrive and they will take over Helena 2nd Ward. Also Helena 1&3 is now split with Sisters and Elders now. I'm excited that Elder Scott will be my Zone Leader again and to be around him for his last transfer of his mission. Elder Scott is the one who trained me, my first companion. Super excited about this. Anyway, I'm excited for this transfer.

I guess that is it! Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

P.S. I forgot to add in my email about Elizabeth's baptism. It was crazy trying to figure everything out throughout the whole week. We were planning on meeting with them Tuesday and Thursday but both fell through. But we managed to get the program and set everything up. So the baptism went well on Saturday.

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