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Monday, October 7, 2013

Alex's Baptism

Well, Alex's baptism was on Thursday and it went very well. We are super excited for him and glad of his decision. That is one of the highlights this week.

We also had Zone Conference on Wednesday. That went pretty well I guess, wasn't the best I've been to but it definitely was edifying. Don't quite remember what we talked about but I just remember it was good. That is also probably the last time I will see Elder Scott, which I think I forgot to tell you, he is still in Great Falls and not here in Helena. :( Anyway, it was a good meeting. I also really enjoyed General Conference which we watched at the Halls with the Steinagels as well. That was a blast. As you will see in one of the pictures I dozed off a little in the Sunday afternoon session, the only one I dozed off in.

So right now Elder Gunnerson is getting an extension with his mission to leave after Christmas Conference so he is extending about an extra week or two. I don't know if I told you this yet, but my mission got cut by two weeks so my departure date is July 5 instead of my original date of July 17th. So I'm debating whether to extend or not...I'll think and pray about it.

Other than that nothing much happened. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Ashcroft

A recliner just his size . . .

Listening intently to Conference . . .

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  1. Devin's a bold one sharing that pic! He's a crack up! It is refreshing & wonderful to see what a great sense of humor he has & I love his love of people & the work. GO DEVIN!