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Monday, October 21, 2013

New Electronic Device! :)

So this has been a very good week for Elder Gunnerson and I as we are picking up several new less actives and a new investigator and a part member family. :) So we found a new investigator Diane and we invited her to church and she hasn't gone to church in 30 years and she came to church yesterday! Super exciting and made us happy because it is so difficult to get less actives to church, it is way easier to get investigators to church than less actives. We also just contacted a new part member family last night and they invited us back in which we are super excited for that. Then being how awesome Brother Hanson is, first counselor to the Bishop, invited Ani, a Carroll College student who in return brought a friend along to dinner last night. That was super awesome and the friend agreed to take the missionary discussions which we will be doing at the Hanson's home. Love the members here, we literally get all our referrals from our members and all the investigators from the members. They also do a very good job fellowshipping and supporting the people who we see. Love the Helena 4th Ward so much!

Lois had her baptism on Saturday! It was great to see her get baptized by Bro. Hall who just got baptized on Sept. 28. Elder Gunnerson gave the talk on baptism and I did the opening prayer. It went super well, it is great to see the Hall family join the church. We also helped confirm her a member of the church on Sunday as well. It has been wonderful teaching them and we will be seeing them on Friday when Sis. Hall is making the double fried Kentucky Fried Chicken again! Yumm, can't wait!

I guess you are curious as to the title of my email huh? So we just found out our mission is getting ipad minis!!! Yup, that's right, we are the first of 3 missions to be the pilot program for the ipad mini. So not any missionary can get the ipad mini, but only those who are obedient and are ready to have them, so it is limited to the missionaries in our mission. So we weren't necessarily expecting to be able to get them yet, but then we got a call from Elder Smith, our AP, and told us we were selected to be able to have the privilege to have them. So we have a meeting tomorrow on Tuesday in which somebody from Salt Lake in charge of the ipad mini is talking to us and instructing its use and how to use them. Super excited for that. I don't know if they are giving them to one per companionship or if we each get one individually. Anyway, super pumped about that.

Well things are going super well and wish the best this week. Love ya all!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. WOW! Look how well Devin's doing on his mission & he's getting to see the Church advance in the technology arena! Very cool & after seeing his passion for the 4th ward, I'm going to aim to move there! : )