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Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy, Shocked, Anxious, Nervous, And Excited!!!

What a week! I don't know where to begin. I guess I will start with transfer, we got the transfer call yesterday evening and found out I am leaving Helena. :(  So I found out I won't be with Elder Gunnerson for his last transfer and he is getting a brand new missionary. As for me I am finally going to Wyoming! I am going to Riverton, Wyoming where I will be the new District Leader and am in charge of 12 missionaries. That should be interesting and I will see how Wyoming treats me, perfect timing too, I'm arriving just in time for the winter in Wyoming which I am not looking forward to. :(  So Elder Gunnerson actually served in Riverton for six months last year. So he is telling me all the people to see and all the places to visit, so I am excited. I'm not sure how I feel about being District Leader, I managed to stay away from leadership for quite awhile, should be fun.

So about the electronic devices, so I got an Ipad mini! So both Elder Gunnerson and I have one, so this means a lot of changes are happening. For one, we don't need our paper planners anymore or the area book either. We do all that on the Ipad. We've been working this past week transferring all the information from our area book onto our ipad. It is super neat and has a lot of cool things on there. We can get online as long as we have WiFi. Anyway, super cool. So we are one in 30 missions receiving Ipad minis. It's been really nice having them, but it renders our backpacks utterly useless since everything we need is on there. Soo nice!

So yes, the Shaws moved into town but are still in the same Ward and we helped them move in. I was super excited about that since they could now feed us, as before they were 15 miles out of town. Then I was disappointed in finding out I am leaving so I won't be able to now. I am going to miss Helena, it has been a very good 5 months here. I'm going to miss the members, recent converts, less actives, and the investigators here. I can't believe I am leaving. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my new companion, I haven't met him yet but his name is Elder Linton and he's only been out two transfers, 3 months. So this should be fun.

So I have been packing this morning, definitely not fun... but almost done and ready, I leave Wednesday and I will arrive in Billings and stay overnight there and then leave for Riverton on Thursday. Going to be a long drive. Yippee...   Well, that is all I can think of now, have a great week as mine should be exciting.

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. I absolutely love his SUBJECT line heading! You can just feel his energy & enthusiasm for all the blessings he has from his mission. It's absolutely amazing to me to read these posts and literally see his testimony strengthen, grow & illuminate! Ask him if Elder Linton has family in Hacienda Heights, CA for me.