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Monday, November 5, 2012

Teresa's Baptism!!! :)

I went from a bad week to a great week. :) So, on Tuesday I went up to Seeley Lake and we taught Anita the Plan of Salvation. Then Wednesday we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Commandments. We will be back up there for her Baptismal Interview This Tuesday and her baptism is this Saturday. That should go through. Then Thursday Teresa, in Drummond, had her Baptismal Interview and was set for Baptism. So Saturday was her Baptism and she was baptized!!!! :) Her brother came out from Utah to baptize her and for her confirmation. He is a convert also who was baptized in 2006 and he has gone to the Temple. He was saying how his life was a mess and was praying for guidance and he said the missionaries knocked on his door and he yelled at them to go away and he slammed the door in their face. He said he regretted it and wished them back, then two days later they came back and knocked on his door and they asked if he was sure he didn't want to see them and he accepted them and he became a member. Anyway, back to Teresa, it was an awesome baptism and she is my first investigator baptized in my mission. :)

As for "John" and "Jane," I think I forgot to mention that they did stop smoking through the Stop Smoking Program that Elder Scott and I started with them and they are now nonsmokers. :) Anyway, we are back in term with them. We don't have a set date with them anymore but "John" said he just wants to go to church and get to know the members before he get baptized. He is still reading the BoM. They have been unable to come to church the last two week because "Jane" is ill and has gallbladder problem and will have surgery this Friday. I hope she is doing well and will recover soon. They are still interested and we are still meeting with them.

Things are going great and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. How exciting for Devin! What a beautiful set of pics too. I wonder if he gave a blessing to the one who was ill. Love these updates! It will be interesting to see how winter is in MT!