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Monday, June 24, 2013

Amazing Week Full of Surprises!

Man missionary work is exploding here in Helena 2 & 4! There is so much work it is hard to keep up. We have 14 progressing investigators and 7 new investigators from this week! We also have 100% member present in all of our lessons with 14 lessons this week and 6 other lessons. I absolutely love it here. We had a new investigator we taught the restoration and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She is golden! I have seen so many miracles this week I'm not sure if I can share them all and can't remember all of them right now. This area is so blessed and I feel so blessed to be able to serve here. I have seen so many changes in other people's lives. I love the many exchanges we do with the wards here and with the priests as well as those who received their mission calls.

So transfer call was this week. So I am thankfully staying here in Helena. The bad news is that Elder McLeod is leaving me behind. The good thing is that Elder McLeod will be the Zone Leader in Missoula. I know he will like it there as I served there for 2 weeks. I'm going to miss Elder McLeod as I have learned a lot from him and I have grown pretty close to him. So my new companion will be Elder Gunnerson and I have served around him in Missoula and I am excited to be with him. He will be the new District Leader. Elder Gunnerson will be my 19th companion!

I really enjoyed that Broadcast from Sunday about missionary work. It is so true about how huge the role of members is in the missionary effort. That missionaries shouldn't be the driving force but are only there to assist the ward and to teach. The members should be the ones filling the missionaries planner for people to see and teach. The reason I love Helena 2 & 4 ward is they are doing exactly every thing that meeting told how missionary work should be doing within the ward and by members. My hope is that every ward has taken the council from the broadcast and are applying it and that members are going out and doing missionary work and are doing the finding for the missionaries. Missionaries should not be tracting as tracting now a days is the bottom of the list, it is now the next thing to doing nothing. Anyway, I really enjoyed the broadcast.

I forgot to mention about Sunday at church! So At church I saw Anita! She is the lady I taught in Seeley Lake back in my first area and saw her get baptized. She is still active and she is in Helena going to Carrols college and planning on going back to Seeley Lake. That made my day seeing her! I don't know if I told you this before, but Teresa that I taught in my first area in Drummond and that got baptized is still really active as well. I found that out 3 weeks ago at a zone conference when I saw the Branch Mission Leader from Drummond. I am so happy and pleased to see that both of them are still active in the gospel and going to church! Sunday made my day!

Anyway, love you all and have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. You can feel the FIRE under Devin's feet & in the mission area! That's exactly what the Lord hopes we'll all achieve in our area. I was inspired at the conference too as it opened my eyes more to our roles as ward members to the entire missionary effort as a whole. I mean, the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to bring the LIGHT of the gospel into everyone. That includes those who understand & accept it & those unaware. Nice to see such growth in that area!