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Monday, June 10, 2013

Work Brings Happiness

This has been a good week. So we have two investigators that finally have a marriage date in September which mean both of our investigators can be baptized in September. Hopefully I'm still around then. We met with another investigator who also said she going to get married soon too and she wants to be baptized! So I guess that is 3 investigators that we know for sure they will be getting baptized! So  his has been a great week. We are always busy and have no time to stop and relax. So by Friday and Saturday I was exhausted but I found it easier to not be tired by keeping busy and always moving. Still playing basketball and running with our ward mission leader. I love working out in the morning and I found that I have more energy now then I did before. We have so much work going on that it is hard to keep up with the work. We talked to President Mecham and in August Helena 2&4 will have their own set of missionaries. We have Family Home Evenings with several families every Monday which is awesome! Then on Tuesday we go on splits with Helena 2 ward from 7-9 in the evenings. Then on Wednesday we do the same thing except with 4 ward. Thursday we do splits again except with the stake. I love it as we can see all the people we plan to see and it helps us a lot!

One thing that I love that Elder McLeod does is we sing a hymn in every home we go to, to members, less actives, and investigators and non members. I love the work here and the area. We have a lot of progressing less actives as well as progressing Part Member family and investigators. I just keep on moving and I have never felt more closer to the Savior than I am right now in my life.

So there is a part member family we see that we saw 3 times this week as the father is home since he works in North Dakota at the oil rig. He is not a member and the two kids are on date for July. We gave the father a blessing Saturday and it was the first time he received a blessing. He is normally always sarcastic but when we sang a hymn and shared James 5:14-15 he became serious and he said he was thankful for us showing up and giving him a blessing which is amazing to hear from him. We always share James 5:14-15 before we give a blessing as well as singing a hymn as it invites the spirit.

This is how we view about singing hymns. If we sound great, it invites the spirit, if we don't sound good, we show our humility which also brings in the spirit so it is a win win situation.

Anyway it was an amazing week. Have District meeting tomorrow, my first one in this district. Oh, we have a mission tour next Monday which means I probably won't write till Tuesday next week. Elder Mervyn B. Arnold will be there. Hope you have a great week! Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. Now all the things he writes about is great counsel for us at home here in Clovis!!! I just love how much Devin has grown leaps & bounds in service to the Lord. What a blessing he'll have for the rest of his life & I almost feel like he may move to Montana to live some day. I know my family wants to live there! : ) Thanks for sharing!