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Monday, June 3, 2013


So I am loving Helena so far. For those who haven't heard, I got transferred halfway through transfer. I left Thompson Falls and Plains and am in Helena now. I got to Helena Saturday evening. But I love the members here and we have a ton of work here to do! Different from T-Falls and Plains as I had barely anyone to see. So here in Helena we have 3 people on Baptismal date and about 8? that we will be setting baptismal dates with. We have several part members we are working with, several less actives, and investigators. The members are very helpful and missionary oriented! I love it here. I also love the members we are staying with. I am happy, reenergized, and pumped! I also like my companion too. He is from High Point, North Carolina and he has been out 5 months now. He is District Leader and is a great missionary. He works hard, funny, and we get along great!

I can't wait for the next 3 weeks as I will get back into great shape as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get up at 5 in the morning to play basketball with the members till 6:30 then we go about the rest of the missionary day. Also on Tuesday and Thursday we will be running with my ward mission leader in Helena 4th ward in the morning. Br. Schledt who is 27 and has a young family. He is super awesome and is very pro active about missionary work. I love it here, might become my new favorite area? Most definetly for missionary work wise and maybe even member wise too? Anyway love it here, and I like the city better than the other cities I've served and been in. There are a lot of catholics here and they have a cathedral here that looks pretty cool on the out side. Also there is a church right down the street from the capital. Love it and am in Heaven right now!

However I miss several members in my last area that I have grown close too. So to answer your question, if I were to live and have a house in one of the areas I have served in? If I wanted to live outside the city probably in Corvallis because it isn't too far from the city and it is beautiful there and I like the ward there. If I were to visit, I might visit Plains and T-Falls first of all my areas so far. If I were to live in a city I would say probably in Helena, but Kalispell is really nice too. Billings is in the top 10 cities for where is the best palce to retire to. But I think I would go with Helena.

I'm excited to be here in Helena. So I just got a call and apparently I was supposed to bring the bike from Plains to here but I didn't know that. So I don't have a bike. So I know now that that bike is my bike specifically for the rest of my mission as it is specifically for my size. I think I will get the bike in the next 2 weeks though. Well, that is about all I believe. Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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