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Monday, December 2, 2013

Picking Up Investigators

Well, we've been able to do some things this week and the exchange with Elder Anthony was super fun. We unfortunately didn't get to accomplish a whole lot when Elder Anthony was there as other things popped up that we had to deal with. Having to deal with four sisters from the district takes some work and time. I suppose I'm getting used to it now. Sisters always have a ton of questions, concerns, and complaints... but I'm glad to say that our District is unified. Just a lot of work. Also last District Meeting was the best District meeting we have had so far. Very good meeting, talked about the authority and influence we have as missionaries, the importance of helping investigators and less actives understanding the atonement. Very good meeting. :)

I can't wait to move out of the place we are living at because of all the drama we've been having to put up with with our Host Family, young couple, really frustrating and missionaries in the past have moved out but they decided to put the missionaries back to living here and we are trying to move out. The sad thing is, everybody in the Ward knows about this too. Hopefully things work out. We have several options to move to.

So Thanksgiving was good, we were able to eat with three different family and needless to say I was stuffed! Good food, and good times.

We were able to pick up two new investigators this week. We have Betty, who already knows the church is true so we will be seeing her Thursday and hoping to set a baptismal date with her. Her two daughters are members and moved in to live with her. That will be good for her. Then we have Jesus, a Mexican who doesn't understand or speak English, but he lives with his nephew and we reactivated the nephew's family recently, so they may help translate for us or we may have to bring somebody with us who speaks Spanish for us.

So I have some pictures I wanted to send but forgot the camera... so next week. I have a really sweet picture to show. The weather has been nice this week in the 40-50's. But I have been told it will be 18 below on Wednesday :(  Not looking forward to it. Transfer call is next week, wonder what is going to happen. Have a great week!

Elder Ashcroft

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  1. It's great to see the progress & updates! Here we are "thinking" we're freezing during the "freeze alert" in the Central Valley (20 degrees tonight) & he's feeling 25 degrees below!!!! It's a mystery how people ever survive such cold weather! I hope Devin & his companion bring "in" a Spanish speaking member because that will be so much better for Jesus in the long run. The more people we know, the greater our associations & experiences.