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Monday, December 16, 2013

Sick Week

So transfer happened, so I ended up going up to Greybull Tuesday, spent the night there and all day Wednesday which was fun. Then my new companion and the rest of the people coming into our Zone didn't come till 9 P.M. in Greybull, then we continued our trip to Riverton, meaning we didn't get to our place till midnight. But that's all right, because I had an awesome missionary in the transfer van the whole way down. If you didn't guess already, it was Elder Kharazi! Elder Kharazi ended up staying the night at our place. He is the new District Leader in Lander, about 30 minutes south from us, the closest Elders to us. Anyway, that is super awesome and I am excited since I'll be seeing him every Monday now! My new companion is Elder Clark, he is from Eagle Mountain, Utah and he is 18. He is a super stud missionary! Unfortunately I became sick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I ended up throwing up in the morning Sunday before church. So we only attended Sacrament meeting.

We found out Thursday, that Jesus, who we thought wasn't a member, was baptized when he lived in Salt Lake many years ago. That was disappointing. We only now have two investigators in Riverton, who both are not progressing. Then we have Johntel in Shoshoni who has a date for December 28. That is literally, all our investigators. So we will just be contacting everybody in the ward directory.

So we are heading to Billings today for the Christmas Conference tomorrow. So everybody is going in a transfer van except for me and my companion as I will be driving up to Billings in our car and picking up the Greybull Elders. Should be a fun 4-5 hours drive. I heard the roads are really bad as well. So hopefully we will have a safe trip.

That is all I can think of right now. Have a great week!  Love ya!

Elder Ashcroft

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